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Bake Off Best Innuendo’s: Ep 5

It’s Pie and Tart week

We are officially half way through the fifth series of GBBO, and after the ‘bincident’ of last week things seem to be cooling down, for this week at least.

As usual there were plenty of innuendos but not so many soggy bottoms this year on pastry week.

Starting off this week is the one and only Mary Berry, posing the very important question, ‘What’s your version of a tart?’

Contestant Kate doesn’t seem to mind getting stuck in, especially after stating ‘I’m going to have to go in with my hands straight away.’ We’ve all been there, right guys? (When it comes to baking tarts that is)

There was quiet a lot of spillage form the contestant’s pie’s this week however contestant Richard was hopeful stating a ‘bit of a spill but hopefully it’ll dribble out.’

Kate was at it again this week saying that ‘I knew it was going to be tight.’

Perhaps the best innuendo from this week was the banter between Mary and contestant Richard. We’ll leave you to check out the image below (Courtesy of BBC)
Kate was at it again this week saying that ‘I knew it was going to be tight.’

Words: Ben Walker

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