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Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel get naked online

Sex Tape is a brilliant new film

Annie and Jay used to have great sex. Lots of great sex. Then they got married and had two kids, so now they just about remember when they used to have great sex.They still fancy each other and they’re still in love, but between nappies, school runs, work schedules and house work they just don’t have the time or energy anymore.

So when Annie potentially sells her Mommy-Blog to a big company, Annie and Jay celebrate by sending the kids to her mother’s and making time for a much needed shag.

Unfortunately, their minds are so distracted by every day life that they can’t quite get the magic back, so they decide to liven things up by talking about things that they enjoy sexually. Jay admits that he’s been watching porn a bit (OK, a lot) and Annie says that she knows because she uses his computer too so sees the history and has watched a bit of it too. She’s not shocked and he’s relieved that they can be so open about everything.

Then Annie comes up with an idea. If they both enjoy porn, they should watch porn together. But Jay thinks that’s a bit ‘icky’, so Annie comes up with a better idea. They should make their very own sex tape. Jay loves this idea and so after a few shots of tequila, they use his new iPad to film their very own sex tape where they recreate every move in The Joy Of Sex.

And this is where it becomes a bit like watching your parents have sex… Everyone feels like they know Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel (and they’re basically playing the same roles they always play), so watching them both get very (very) naked and start to put each other into various positions is a bit cringe. But even though it’s a bit cringe it’s certainly very funny.

The film then follows as they grapple with their sex tape's journey. We wouldn't want to give all the details away of the film, but it gets very messy, and makes for a very good film. It also proves that you should never mix Tequila and auto sync on your computers.

It's in cinemas already and well worth seeing.

GT gives it: 4/5

Words: Matthew Christian

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