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Review: Adore Delano at The Meth Lab

The hotly-anticipated Drag Race runner-up takes her rightful place on The Meth Lab stage...

Taking a heterosexual drag-virgin to see Adore Delano’s opening night for the infamous Meth Lab has its risks. Will he expect a night of fusty cabaret? Will he expect to see a forty-five year old bricklayer in a gold-sequinned dress miming Shirley Bassey?

We tried to explain the magic of the Familyyy Fierce to him on our walk to the Black Cap, but ended up babbling about its progressive and boundary pushing aesthetic. Sure enough, the best thing was to let him take the whole thing in for himself.

Upon arrival, one thing was clear – Adore Delano has a HUGE fanbase over here in the UK. Before the show had even begun everyone was talking about her (Note: it’s widely accepted that she came second on Season 6 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race – sorry Courtney). One superfan begged us to help her get onto the stage when she performs in a bid to embrace her idol.

And the show begins. The inimitable Meth herself saunters onto the stage to perform a hilarious Iggy Azaelea/Lady Grantham (of Downton Abbey) mash-up. It sounds odd on paper, but her effortlessly impeccable comedic timing confirms Maggie Smith’s character as a drag idol and Meth herself as a master of her craft. Mother has arrived!

After just one song, Meth disappears and we are indulged in of a fire breathing, fag eating burlesque bitch – think a trailer trash Dita Von Teese. It’s as disgusting as it is fantastic, but the crowd are restless and ready for Adore.

And to their delight, she appears – looking fabulous with an 80s padded leather jacket and denim cut offs. She performs just one song for us, and the crowd are left salivating. True to her name, this girl really is adored right now – with the crowd singing her lyrics louder than Adore herself. She waltzes with a hunky fan, encites a rap recital of THAT bit in Spice Girl’s ‘Wannabe’, grabs her drink and stumbles away.

Lolo Brown, one of the core members of the Familyyy Fierce, takes to the stage in a diamond encrusted skull mask, a coral green wig and a jet white international businesswoman power suit. She lip synchs into her phone, which is of course a big floppy dildo. She then rips off all of her clothes. She snorts a condom, eats a lit fag, staples playing cards to her tits and hammers a nail up her nostril.

Meth takes to the stage, declaring: ‘Anyone who can do THAT shit is part of my family.’

And the headline set from Adore Delano begins. She dedicates her songs to the ‘fat kids at school’. It seems that Adore’s message seems to be one of inner strength and acceptance, loving yourself in the face of adversity. And her fans know every single word. After four songs and a crowd surf, the night is over. It’s interesting to see a Drag Superstar take this approach to their career – she evidently wants to be a real pop star. And it looks like she already is.

The Meth Lab and everyone behind it is making a tireless, concerted effort to bring the best queens from Drag Race to London audiences on a monthly basis. As well as Adore Delano, there's Shangela and Alaska Thunderfuck on their way before the year's end. Click here for dates and to buy tickets.

You can follow Meth on Twitter at @Do_Meth, The Meth Lab at @methlablondon and The Black Cap at @blackcap_camden.

Words Jacob Cheetham, @jacob_aria
Image Magnus Hastings

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