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Review: Briefs – The Second Coming

Hot muscle twinks in boxer. What more to say?

We didn’t really know what to expect from this all-male Australian troop of burlesque artistes who describe themselves as ‘Cirque du Soleil meets Ru Paul’s Drag Race’. We came away with a heightened appreciation for physical performance and faces that ached from relentless laughter.

The tone is set fairly near the beginning of the 75-minute show: Hot muscle twink Louis Biggs comes on stage dressed as a schoolboy. He gets a member of the audience to muddle up a Rubik’s cube and then solves it with startling speed. The audience is very impressed and applauds accordingly. Then he starts showing off some mad yo-yo skills, stripping out of his school uniform whilst doing so. The spectators roar. He ends up wearing nothing but a willy-warmer and climaxes with getting the yo-yo to wind and dance around his cock. The crowd loses it. This is new and different and… amazing.

The penis-based circus stunt is a perfect embodiment of what this riotous revelry is all about – a delicious fusion of sex appeal and skill – and as such is one of the most ground-breaking pieces of artistic expression that we’ve witnessed in a long time. Taboos are smashed aside as the instrument orbits the organ and we’re all wrapped around Biggs’ little finger.

One of the many joys of this show is that the oft used phrase ‘anything could happen’ genuinely applies. From weepingly funny clowning courtesy of the artiste known only as Evil Hate Monkey, to the drag doggie show, in which the boundaries of taste are almost exceeded completely, we are never given time to catch our breath before something else unusual and astonishing happens. There’s madcap mirth from the fabulous Fez Faanana, and an extraordinary headline act from ‘boylesque’ performer Captain Kidd that drenches the front three rows of the audience…

Make sure that you buy a raffle ticket when offered the chance – the ‘sir prize’, courtesy of young strapping lad Lachy Charm, is well worth winning…

At only £15 a ticket this sexy sassy spectacular is amazing value. Magic and madness and dancing boys! Acrobatics and arses! The whole thing is camper than the massive tent in which it takes place. An absolute must see flight of fancy.

GT gives this a 5/5

Briefs – The Second Coming is playing at London Wonderground until September 28th. For full details see:

Words: Richard Unwin

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