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Alan Cumming: Independence is an equality issue

Latest issue of GT explores whether Scotland should become independent

Alan Cumming has told GT that he believes Scottish independence is an equality issue, much like LGBT rights.

Cumming argues: "I think the Yes campaign, if you were to take away the words Scotland and LGBT it would be very similar to any equal rights campaign."

He goes on to argue: "I think for long enough Scotland has not had its own voice and has been run by a government it just did not elect. I think devolution has been a great success; the change in Scotland has been remarkable. So now I think Scotland should have full power over itself.

"The Commonwealth Games, with Pride House and the opening ceremony's gay kiss, was a statement by Scotland to all the other countries in the Commonwealth who are discriminatory or anti-gay."

Fellow actor Simon Callow was one of 200 famous people signing a letter arguing for Scotland to remain a part of the UK, expressing the desire to "stay together".

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Words: Conor Byrne

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