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Ollie Locke: "I've come out to my parents as liking men"

Latest GT includes shoot and interview with Made in Chelsea star

Celebrity Big Brother and Made in Chelsea star Ollie Locke talks sexuality in the latest issue of GT. That's right: readers get to see Ollie in his pants!

Ollie tells us why people criticise bisexuality: "Everyone's always like 'Ollie Locke? He's gay, he's gay'. But why would I say I'm bisexual if I was gay? I've already come out to my parents as liking men - that's the hard bit done. Why would I not say, 'Actually, I REALLY like men?'"

Ollie reveals why he thinks bisexual teenagers struggle with coming out, and his desire to help them. "Every month I get someone come up to me and saying, 'Thank you, you helped me come out to my friends'. And that's the only thing I was thinking when I came out myself".

At the same time, he explains why he quit Made in Chelsea and reveals his future plans. This quote is all that can be revealed about these upcoming plans: "I always look to see the inspiration around me. It's my constant inner monologue".

To read Ollie Locke's full interview, you can download the new issue from or from WHSmith nationally as of next week.

Words: Conor Byrne

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