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Living Smart is all about hydration

We went along to a Glaceau SmartWater experience day, where we learnt a a thing or two about hydration…

In an art gallery south of King’s Cross, we were lead through a maze of sense sensations yesterday afternoon.

The session kicked off with wall-to-wall LCD screens in a deeply humid room, as we journeyed through the clouds. The roof then simulated rain all around the group of around 30 people, a welcome release to the sauna-like atmosphere.

On the screens surrounding us was a gentle trip up into a storm, then out through the top of the clouds, with a basic description of the water cycle imprinted on-screen.

In the next room, which had been designed to look like a temple, the group sat up on pedestals, while the basic concept of alchemy was explained to us, and how its discovery helped to evolve the process of water purification.

Then, each of us were told to wash away the day’s grime and Metro-fingers in pure sea salt, then cleanse it all away in some cool water. Our palettes were wiped with a tart solution, all in preparation for the strangely sensual next stage.

After an interesting speech from a SmartWater representative, we were told to close our eyes, smell and then taste the bottled water.

In essence, it’s a tasty beverage. Filled with electrolytes to neutralise the tongue’s four taste bud regions, when it hits your mouth it really does taste like nothing, but in a refreshing way. It’s not meant to be cold, but chilled, meaning it doesn’t attack any sensitive teeth out there, and it’s a smooth, velvety texture in the mouth.

But, again, SmartWater is essentially just a bottle of water.

Next we had a pep talk from Tim Weeks, who has trained with Olympic athletes all his life. He expressed the importance in daily life to stay hydrated, all the while sipping on his own bottle of SmartWater.

Finally, we were led back through to the reception area where candles, yoga mats and music had been laid out on behalf of Fat Buddha yoga. Jessica Skye led us through an energising, exhausting but calming session. As beginners ourselves, this advanced class worked up a real sweat, much to the amusement of the rest of the group.

After a relaxing 20-minute nap (Savasana or ‘Corpse Pose’ to the yoga enthusiasts out there) we had a nice glug of the tasty water, before heading home - knackered, but perky.

Glaceau’s Eight Ways to Live Smart cards, found in our delightful goodie bag, gives some general life advice for work, relationships and most of all, hydration, which was unsurprisingly the key message of the day.

Words Will Ross, @WillRoss94

For more information on Glaceau SmartWater, check out their interesting web page, or find them on Twitter, @Glaceau_SW.

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