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Brian Epstein: The Man Who Muilt the Beatles

In an eponymous theatre production, Brian Epstein’s sexuality, childhood and drug issues were exposed, in a raw and wonderful manner…

Brian Epstein has long been hailed as the man who discovered the Beatles. From his family-owned record store on the Mersey, to talk shows in LA, Brian pushed the Liverpool rockers all the way to stardom.

But the man behind the group’s success had his own issues, such as an addiction to high-end whiskey and ‘pick-me-up’ pills, which eventually killed him at the tender age of 33.

The play, starring Andrew Lancel as Epstein, and Will Finlason, tells the story of Brian’s musical career, in the space of 24 hours. Finlason as This Boy acts as an undercover journalist of sorts, attempting to unearth the real Brian Epstein, among all the rumours and speculation.

What he discovers is cleverly and maturely portrayed in a mixture of flashback, audio-mimed video clips and well-dictated epitaphs.

Lancel had wonderful diction, and played a completely believable character, with flamboyant gestures, a seemingly split personality and ultimately the ability to play the illustrious legend accurately.

Finlason’s performance was good, he managed to keep up a strong scouse accent and enjoyed getting his kit off - but he was ultimately replaceable, unlike Lancel whose overall performance would be hard to top.

His strong delivery enabled the entire audience to become completely encapsulated in his narration, winning laughter, shock and empathy from his audience in a tirade of mixed emotions.

This two-hour play went by all too fast, and is most definitely worth a try.

GT gives it: four stars

Words Will Ross, @WillRoss94

Tickets can be found from the Leicester Square Theatre. The show is on until Saturday 6 September.

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