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Learn How To Swordswallow with Miss Behave

We're sure you won't gag, etc...

Well that’s it for another year. We’ve seen shows, we’ve been drunk, we’ve interviewed people in their beds and we’ve had a great time. There’s no denying it, the Fringe is exhausting - we’re slightly broken as we type this - but it’s such a richly creatively ground, fertile with opportunities to meet new people and explore their work, that year after year it still keeps us as excited as we were when we first visited.

In our final few days at the Fringe we saw shows from Bob Downe, who was so on form with Bob, Sweat and Tears. He really is the prime example of an exquisite showman who just gets better with age. Hilarious. We saw Guilt & Shame, two of our favourite funny boys, and their show Going Straight. Two words: nailed it. Yet again Guilt & Shame (Robert Cawsey and Gabriel Bisset-Smith) made us laugh until it hurts. Plus, Londoners, the Guilt & Shame boys are transferring Going Straight to the Soho Theatre. For dates and tickets, here's a handy link. We also caught Trygve Wakenshaw’s sell-out cult hit of last year’s Fringe, Squidboy. Beautiful and exquisite, that man delivers physical comedy dynamite.

Our favourite thing about being at the Fringe this year though has been performing with Miss Behave in the fabulously brilliant realm of Miss Behave’s Game Show. Being privy to watching a show evolve and grow as we tried out new games each night and experimenting creatively within the show was the biggest privilege. Miss Behave is a legend and so to work alongside her - as her hot pant wearing glamorous assistant Harriet, no less - is a bit of a dream come true. We decided to sit down with Miss Behave where we asked her if she’d teach us how to swordswallow, one of her specialist skills, and she more than happily obliged. It was fabulous! We also picked up a few other exciting and interesting tips along the way… Specifically in the realm of D. *wink*

Miss Behave’s Game Show hits the London Wonderground this weekend for four consecutive Saturdays. Show starts at 21:30pm. Bring your phone, bring cuddly toys and bring your good time hat because it is going to be everything. To get your tickets, just follow this link.

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