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Bake Off's Best Innuendos: Ep 4

Tensions rose in dessert week!

The latest episode of The Great British Bake Off was perhaps the most tense and innuendo filled episode of the series.

From saucy puddings, spotted dicks and boozy tiramisu’s we bring you the best innuendos of this week’s bake off:

1. Mary Berry was on top form this week expressing how much she liked sauce: "The sauce has got to be the right consistency, and for me it’s got to have some texture to it." How do you like your sauce?

2. Richard who was name star baker is also a fan of sauce and anything chocolate stating ‘anything sticky and full of chocolate, I’m all over it.’

3. The silver fox that is Paul Hollywood had problems digesting one of the contestant’s puddings stating that the peanut butter filling is ‘welding my mouth shut.’

4. Mary was at it again posing the question ‘do they hold up when they come out?’ Well you never know till you try it Mary.

5. Sue Perkins never fails to come up with at least one innuendo per episode but this week topped them all: ‘When I look at all the ingredients, it’s saying to me, a massive spotted dick.’ Says it all.

Underneath the innuendos, this week tensions rose with the eldest female contestant Diana, removed the bearded baker’s (contestant Ian’s) ice cream from the freezer, leaving it to leak out everywhere:

Unfortunately this led him to losing his temper and binning his runny baked Alaska, which resulted in him being the fourth contestant to leave the competition. We will miss you and your wonderful beard.
Tune in next week for pastry week! Careful of those soggy bottoms.

Words: Ben Walker

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