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AIDS activist Lord Fowler to speak

Lord Fowler will be signing books and discussing his activism at Prowler

Norman Fowler, the former MP and health secretary under Margaret Thatcher, has written a book on his long-held support for those with AIDS.

He will be appearing at Prowler Soho, the gay superstore, tomorrow to promote his book, AIDS: Don’t Die of Ignorance.

He will be sharing some of his views, his most recent activism and news, and discussing the International AIDS Conference this year in Melbourne, Australia.

Lord Fowler has been a prominent member of the community for years, as an active AIDS activist but also as a man high up enough in the government to help make a difference.

The book follows his Don’t Die of Ignorance campaign of 1986, during Thatcher’s reign. Lord Fowler’s aim is, and always has been, to educate the nation about HIV and AIDS.

He has travelled extensively to help promote acceptance and eradicate stigma, prejudice and discrimination against people living with HIV, and his book has received critical acclaim from wide-ranging sections of the press, reflecting how well respected an authority he has become.

Stephen Fry has spoken positively about the book, describing it as “immensely important and readable,” while Lord Fowler himself claims it contains ‘news and findings’ that may be able to help victims of the life-changing illness.

Prowler, on Brewer Street, will be holding the book signing between 6-8PM on Thursday 28 August.
To follow the event follow @ProwlerSoho.

Words: Will Ross

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