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Charli XCX, Break The Rules

"Living out my weird fantasy of what prom would be like in my head…"

Following on from her VMA performance of Boom Clap this weekend, British pop singer Charli XCX is set to release her new single, Break The Rules, on 5 October.

The single is taken from her upcoming album, Sucker, which is released two weeks later, on 20 October.

The official video. The video features American actress Rose McGowan, and portrays Charli XCX as a bad and care-free schoolgirl who rejects the rules of school and instead breaks out into cool dance moves and goes partying and shopping with her girlfriends, on their way to the school prom, where Charli offers a rocking performance in contrast to the lacklustre prom band.

Charli said: "I was inspired by movies like Jawbreaker and Carrie for the Break The Rules video. I never went to prom when I was at school so this was kind of living out my weird fantasy of what prom would be like in my head. I asked Rose McGowan to be in the video and I never ever thought she would say yes, but she did… so she came to prom too… and she kind of trashed it ;)".

The release of Break The Rules is set to follow the release of Charli XCX's hit single Boom Clap has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide and has hit 3 on the US Top 40 chart, establishing the singer firmly as one of the UK's biggest breakthrough acts of the year. The video to Boom Clap can be seen here.

Break The Rules is, like Boom Clap, catchy, rebellious and infectious and is sure to become one of this autumn's most-played club tracks. While not as original or inspiring as some of her previous work, it is nonetheless a solid track that is sure to resonate with rebellious youth.

Words: Conor Byrne

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