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Fitness regimes of a Pratt. Chris Pratt, that is.

We’re sure you’ve all had a chance to cruel over Chris Pratt’s minor topless scene in his new film, Guardians of the Galaxy? No? Well check it out!

Ex-Parks & Rec star Chris Pratt went from a rounded, food-loving chap into a chiselled hunk in just under six months. We were lucky enough to chat to Duffy Gaver, his personal trainer, about working with Chris in the months leading up to his biggest role yet.

So Duffy, what was the initial work you had to do with Chris when he came to you?

“To get him tidy and cleaned up. The first thing you ever want, to create a big guy, I have the same conversations with so many guys. So, if you’ve got 200lbs of extra body fat, or you’ve got 10lbs of extra body fat… if you want to put on five lbs of extra muscle or 30lbs of muscle, it’s a long road, but it’s the same road.

“It’s the same conversation, what are you eating now, we’ve gotta get rid of this, we’ve gotta add that. So you get rid of carbohydrate stuff, especially processed stuff, and put in lots of proteins, lots of veg, etc.

“We tell everybody this, body fat is stored in your body as batteries. So we wage your battery intake, in order to burn the extra energy out, but we still have to feed the body. So to build up muscle we’re gonna feed you lots of protein, and get rid of most of the extra carbohydrates because you have fat.

“The reason people are so impressed with these actors is because you see them looking at you like ‘ok, great, let’s do it, I’m on board.’ People go ‘wow, how did he do that?’ That’s how he did it, he just got on board.

“We just sort of rolled, I don’t need this, I work out like this. And we went. You’d look at him and think he was either trying to get on an NFL team, or just to make it or break it. He comes in with that attitude, ‘I wanna leave here in a puddle of sweat today.’”

Did Chris find the diet side of his schedule hard at all?

“We were relieved to work with this guy. It wasn’t a starvation diet, it’s about different foods. A cheeseburger will be replaced by a piece of lean salmon. And you’ll be like, ‘wow, I feel so much better. I wake up feeling better, i go to bed feeling better, my mood’s better…’ He started to feel really fantastic, brought on by the diet.”

Did he come to you with any particular goals in mind?

“The studio called me, saying we’ve got a guy, he just walked out of our office. He’s a young actor, who’s just found out his life and career are about to change. The next time i got on the phone with this guy, he was so happy. You can’t help but want to make good things happen to him. Then the conversations went towards, what’s Chris’s decision on what he wants.”

And is he keeping it all up, as far as you know?

“Pretty much so. We talked about this. This is a game-changer. Chris likes being physical and loves the work-outs. It starts with a healthy place to start from, as opposed to living your life out of shape, then punishing yourself to get in shape for roles.”

Do you have any advice for our readers, who may want to change the way they look?

“He’s just another guy, just like you. he cleaned up his diet, and worked out, hard. Chris was 100 opera cent physical, and got 100 per cent of what he wanted. You’ve got to work out smart. You have to build up to that, I don’t expect you to do what I do. You have to work out your intensity levels and goals.

“Most people’s chemistry won’t allow you to do more than that. I can mostly tell without a clock, when the hour’s up. Chemically you’re really set up for an hour of intense demand. Short, more intense workouts are much better than lolly-gagging workouts for three hours.”

And finally, just for our own personal gain, what does Chris smell like?

“Hahaha, well, Chris smells lovely, absolutely lovely.”

Guardians of the Galaxy is in cinemas now. Follow Chris Pratt @PrattPrattPratt.

Words Chris Jones, @ChrisJonesGeek

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