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A Grand Day Out with Ben Hart

Oh, oh, oh – he's magic...

The Edinburgh Fringe is a bit of a beast. It’s also a bit like Groundhog Day. We’re having the most amazing time, but boy is it a long month. Days can be a little repetitive - we’ve been drunk for nearly four weeks - and obviously it’s been a phenomenal experience, but sometimes you have to break the chain…

That’s why, when presented with the opportunity, we decided to go on a little adventure away from the festival with one of our favourite people - the beautifully talented Ben Hart - where we took a train to Glasgow to play adventure golf! Ben was on a day off from performing his incredible show, The Vanishing Boy, and we needed to buy a new swimsuit. Glasgow was the obvious destination… Of course we filmed it all for your enjoyment. Did we mention that Ben is gorgeous? Watch and enjoy...

A grand day out, indeed! There are just a few days left to catch Ben’s fantastic show, The Vanishing Boy, here at the Edinburgh Fringe. Get your tickets at this link: Ben Hart - The Vanishing Boy.

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