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Review: Aussie talent rock The Barfly

Sheppard herd in their Camden flock.

“We’ve definitely never played in a sauna before!” cries vocalist ‘Beyoncé’ George, in the sweaty Camden club last night.

If UB40, McFly and Jason Mraz were to have a massive orgy, Sheppard are probably what you’d get out of the evening. Harmonious vocals blend in a reggae-themed, acoustic set.

But it’s impossible to define a set genre, when you factor in the occasional sexy Spanish undertones and Aboriginal backing tracks that completed last night’s set.

After knocking Pharrell off the top of the Australian charts with Geronimo, their hit single, Sheppard are certainly off to a good start.

Amy and George, backed by their third sibling Emma, produce infallible vocal capacity, both beautiful and impressive, leaving their audience with a guaranteed smile on their faces.

While drummer Dean Gordon’s acoustics weren’t quite right at the start of the night, and a few microphone mishaps caused momentary concern, the general atmosphere was one of happiness, enjoyment and excitement.

The band’s first London gig was a sell-out, with fans and newcomers alike falling more and more in love with the enthusiastic, fun-loving group.

Sheppard are on to something special with their upcoming album, Bombs Away, which will be available for pre-order soon.

Sheppard played at The Barfly, London, NW1.

Read our interview with Amy and George from Sheppard here!

Words Will Ross, @WillRoss94

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