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Meet the Aus pop group who knocked Pharrell off the top spot

They’ve flown in from Australia just for you…

The UK and America are two of the hardest nuts to crack in the music industry. Groups like Sheppard can be so well known in their home country in Oz – they knocked Pharrell off the top of the charts – but we’ve never heard of them.

Until now! We caught them playing at V Fest on Sunday and couldn't resist the chance to introduce them to you. The six piece indie-pop band originally started with just two, Amy and George Sheppard.

We gave them a quick call to check on how they’re doing…

We caught you at V Fest on Sunday, how was that?

George: It’s the first major commercial festival we’ve done in the UK so it was good. We had a few tech issues on the first day but the second day on Sunday was so smooth. We loved the whole thing.

So did you get a chance to get in the audience for some acts?

George: Yeah, afterwards we got to do whatever we wanted. We saw Sam Smith, Rudimental. For me personally Paolo Nutini was a highlight.

Amy: I really enjoyed The Killers. We were really lucky we ended up getting wristbands to view them backstage which is a rare treat.

We LOVE your single Geronimo, it’s just gone quadruple platinum in Australia, how’s that feel?

George: It’s quite humbling to be honest to know that a song we wrote in our bedroom is now being played around so many other bedrooms. You write the song and obviously think you have a good feeling about it – I’m sure most musicians feel the same. It’s just really nice to know that the whole of Australia is behind us.

What’s the hardest part about starting again in a new country?

George: The market is very different in every country. Every audience is different, every interview is different. But so far so good, people seem to really love the track.

You’ve got a rather big gay fanbase back home, where did that come from?

George: I think it just happened. We never go for any audience in particular, if our music resonates with you – gay, straight or whatever – that’s fantastic. If you appreciate our music, we appreciate you.

Catch Sheppard at The Barfly, London, NW1 tonight!

You can pre-order the single, Geronimo, from iTunes today.

Words Harry Dean, @harrydeansays

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