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In Bed with Katy Manning

If you’re going to have a fabulous and hilarious afternoon in bed with anyone at the Fringe, why of course it’s going to be Katy Manning…

We laughed so hard that we called it a workout.

GT readers and fans of Katy alike will absolutely adore Keeping Up with the Joans, (the show Katy's here at the Fringe with). Katy and Susan Penhaligon deliver simply terrific performances in this bittersweet comedy about failing memory, friendship and mimicking martyrs. We loved the show. Katy and Susan play eccentric rival amateur theatricals manipulated by their sinister care worker into facing the traumatic past that ruined their once precious friendship. The play even deals with themes of a queer nature that really resonate emotionally.

If you’re unable to pop up to see the show at the Edinburgh Fringe, never fear! Londoners, the show will be coming to the Greenwich Theatre at the end of August – 26 Tuesday until 30 Saturday – and you can get your tickets here.

And if you are able to see the show in the Edinburgh, you should. It’s on at the Pleasance Courtyard, every day at 14:30, tickets are available at the click of this link.

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