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Meet Dixey, the men's burlesque show

Men’s burlesque show Dixey takes The Fringe Festival by storm…

Burlesque? Check. Acrobats? Check? A healthy dose of nudity? Check, check, check.

What’s not to love about the newly formed show Dixey? Made up of a handful of sexy and sassy acts, Dixey have recently premiered their show at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival to rave reviews from audiences. Whether it be comedic stripping or daring rope tricks with chains, there is something for just about everybody.

With some coining the act as ‘Disney with dicks’, GT couldn’t wait to get under the covers with The Stage Door Johnnies to tell us what Dixey’s really about…

Hi Dixey, how’re you?

All: We’re good thank you!

So if I could just get you to introduce yourselves…

Ray Gunn: Okay, my name is Ray Gunn and I’m the pole artist in the show.
Bazuka Joe: My name is Bazuka Joe, the resident unicorn.
Jett Adore: And I’m Jett Adore. I love sparkly things.

How’re you enjoying Edinburgh?

RG: We’re loving it, we love the weather!

Is it not cold and raining…

All: Yeah!

Your performances at The Fringe Festival mark the premiere of Dixey. Have there been many challenges presenting something so new?

BJ: Er, there have been a few challenges. There’s been a bit of difficulty with introducing some of the acts into the mix and learning how they perform. That’s been a bit of a challenge.

You say that one of the influences for Dixey is Henry E Dixey. Are there any other influences?

JA: Oh yeah, tonnes actually. Speaking for myself I just consider myself as an artist and artists are influenced by everything around them. We know what we want to say so we use our naked bodies to say it [laughs].

RG: You know a lot of it is just about exploiting stereotypes and twisting ideas about masculinity

Obviously performing burlesque on stage requires a lot of confidence, but do you have any body hangups or days when you don’t feel stage ready?

BJ: I’m never stage ready [laughs]! I don’t know, for me it’s not really about that. It’s just about saying I am who I am, I might as well not be ashamed about it.

There’s been a lot of amazing feedback for the show. Have you noticed any kind of fan base?

RG: Er, within the performer community for sure. We go and see other shows and other cabarets.

BJ: We support each other. We’re all interested in what each other’s doing.

Are there any plans to perform at any gay venues in the future?

JA: We do once in a while but it’s not just for a gay audience. We love our audiences. We like the gays, we like the straights, we like the old, the young.

Something for everyone.

RG: Yeah.

So what’s next for Dixey?

RG: Well hopefully we’ll tour the rest of the UK and then after that world domination. Then you know, the universe.

So you’re starting off small then!

All: [Laughs]

RG: I know that all of us from Stage, we’re all going to go home and just recharge with our puppies and loved ones. So spend some time at home and then see from there.

Dixey are currently showcasing their debut performance at Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 13-24 August,, @Dixeyshow

Words Ben Henry, @NotAgainBen

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