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An Evening with... CHRISTEENE

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In our three years of blogging the Fringe, we don’t think we’ve been this excited about an artist here at the festival. If you aren’t already familiar, meet CHRISTEENE. All the way from Austin, Texas, CHRISTEENE and her dancers - sexual assault drones C Baby and T Gravel - are smashing it here in Edinburgh. Described as a human pissoir of foul hilarity and raw unabashed sexuality, we finally saw the full show last night - THE CHRISTEENE MACHINE - and absolutely loved it.

We spent a night together. It was inevitable. A collision of energy that was bound to happen. Accompanied by a large amount of whiskey, we were also introduced to our new favourite game: You Play A Song, I Play A Song. Of course, we filmed it all for your enjoyment...

Get your tickets to CHRISTEENE: THE CHRISTEENE MACHINE at the Underbelly, Cowgate. (22:10-23:10)

Words Harry Clayton-Wright

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