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Look after yourself with Unique Men

Unique Men offers a range of products which you won't find on the high street.

At Unique Men LTD our focus is to provide products that are not generally found in the high street but you would see in a professional spa or specialist-grooming salon. We stock and distribute brands specifically for men who are conscious of the way they look, smell and feel. Men today have a multitude of competing challenges, whether that’s related to tight work schedules, family responsibilities or just day-to-day chores. Men always want to look their best, and we are on hand to make this easier.

UniqueMen Ltd has focused on 5 main areas, which we believe can make the difference to the discerning man to remain at the top of his game in looking good, feeling confident and well groomed.

Skin Care – Once you know your skin type, you’ll know which products will help your skin to be at its best and to remain fresh looking all the day through. We stock a number of brands from eye serums, moisturisers to facial scrubs that will each reduce fatigue and make you look at your best.

Body Care – We all know that a daily exercise regime improves cognitive responses, improves general health and reduces fatigue. A balanced diet coupled with the right vitamins and proteins means that we are taking care of our general wellbeing. Protein and vitamin supplements are often used to improve this, whether you are having trouble sleeping, enhancing muscle bulk or controlling your weight.

Hair Care – Looking your best also includes your hair, so at UniqueMen Ltd we stock brands to keep you hair looking its best. The products are aimed at different hair types and properties. They take the form of hair waxes, hair sprays or gels and shampoos that will help you to get your hairstyle right and to keep it throughout the day.

Shaving – Starting the day with the right shave is often taken for granted, with many men running on instinct rather than getting it right and looking their best. Unique Men has many pre-shave and after shave products to improve the success of a great looking face every time.

Beards – We have recently started to stock a new range of products for men with beards. Keeping a beard clean and looking its best takes time and careful upkeep so we now stock a range of oils and balms that improves this process.
We continue to grow the diversity of our product range, so if you see something which you would like us to stock, then just let us know, we would love to hear from you. Now go and get that look you always wanted!

More information can be found here: Unique Men

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