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You can still win big this World Cup

The carnival country of Brazil is hosting a little competition!

You might have noticed recently that there is a little competition going on in the carnival country of Brazil. It’s the World Cup 2014 and if you haven’t been keeping up with the action – whether it’s for the stars or the tactical prowess – then you’ve been missing out.

This year it’s all about the Central and South American teams as they show that their underdog status doesn’t faze them in the slightest. The previous winners of the 2010 World Cup were Spain, who have gone crashing out in the early stages thanks to the Dutch. Robin Van Persie almost literally flew through the air to send a header screaming in while the champs were further humbled by Chile in a 2-0 defeat.

To celebrate and make the 2014 World Cup that little bit more exciting many people have been putting their money down to back who they think will win, but with such open results and so many upsets already taking place, you might be a little bit concerned about those “sure bets”. So what better way to make the most of the carnival atmosphere than by entering the 888casino Mundial raffle prize?

Everybody will want to score big this year, but while Cristiano Ronaldo’s hopes hang on by a thread after a thrashing from the Germans and a fierce draw with the USA – that’s right, the USA are giving it a good go this time around – you’ve got to be in the prize draw to win it, and it couldn’t be simpler.

All you have to do is answer two questions on the 888casino site; firstly, watch the clip and say who bounced the ball the most times, and secondly, predict who will win the tournament. While you might think that the second part is only for the football fans, the shock defeats which have already occurred make the outcome of this World Cup anyone’s guess.

England are out, so if you fancied supporting the lads out in Rio you’ve missed that boat. There are no other UK countries that made it through to play in Brazil, which means that you can pretty much pledge your allegiance to whoever you please.

France look a solid side who ooze style on and off the pitch while Costa Rica have an advantage in that they’re better prepared for the climate. If you don’t profess yourself to be a football fanatic then don’t worry, you can choose the stylish Italians, whose photo opportunities before the competition saw them dressed in tailor fitted, designer suits – even the Germans put some effort in to dressing for the occasion.

Whoever you choose and however you want to celebrate the World Cup this summer, make sure you enter yourself into the 888casino raffle to try and bag yourself a range of goodies. Prizes include cinema systems, football shirts and home entertainment equipment from big brand names LG and Sony.

This is one sure fire way to enjoy the competition which doesn’t involve the spotlight grabbing referee decisions, the play acting of the divas or the who’s-who of the WAG scene.

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