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Pride in London launches new selfie campaign celebrating freedom and equality

A new campaign is encouraging people to celebrate their #FreedomTo be proud...

Everyone loves a selfie. The internet is absolutely full of them, and more are being taken every second. And now, even Pride is getting on board with the selfie craze.

Yesterday, Pride in London announced a new selfie campaign which invites people from all walks of life to tell the world what freedom means to them.

According to the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Association, Britain is the best place for gay and trans people to live, and in this country we have a lot of freedom to be who we are and love who we want to love.

With London’s pride parade fast approaching, this is a great time to celebrate the freedoms we have, and what better way to do it (especially when the sun is shining and everyone’s getting wonderfully tanned) than with a selfie?

To get involved all you have to do is write a message explaining what freedom is most important to you, then take a picture of yourself with it and tweet it. Don’t forget to include #FreedomTo. It’d be great to get the celebration trending.

There are plenty of celebs already getting involved in the campaign.

Graham Norton, for example, is celebrating the #FreedomTo be camp. “Right now we have so many freedoms and yet suddenly all sorts of weird issues are coming up," he says, "Issues like transphobia or the idea that camp people are betraying the gat community… and I just feel like, actually, no! There’s room for everyone.”

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell wants to celebrate the #FreedomTo love, and Harry Derbidge from TOWIE says the #FreedomTo be equal is most important to him.

Aside from the celebrities, a lot of people have been talking about their day to day experiences.

CJ, a 23-year-old from Lambeth, said: “People keep telling me I can’t be queer AND black, or I can’t be Christian AND kinky. Why can’t I be all those things?”

And Jess, a 22-year-old from Camden, said: “I spent a long time searching myself to try and fit in boxes that just aren’t there. It was when I realised I didn’t have all the answers that I felt free for the first time.”

In so many countries around the world, gay people don’t have the freedom to be themselves. Oppression and intolerance is widespread, and in Britain we’re lucky to have the freedoms that we do.

This is a chance to celebrate how far things have come, and to be proud of our community.

So what does freedom mean to you? What do you wish more people had the #FreedomTo do? Just take a selfie and tell the world!

To find out more details and see some of the selfies taken so far, click here.

Words Philippa Peall

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