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The party contingent of Team GT recently headed to Palm Spring’s legendary White Party in California (check out our latest issue for the full report) and we got there in style thanks to Air New Zealand.

We travelled from London Heathrow to LAX (Just a two hour drive to Palm Springs) and if you’re ever planning a transatlantic flight, make sure you look up these guys, and prepare to forget everything you know about flying. Their long haul flight experience is one of the best we’ve ever had – and we’ve been lucky enough to fly all over the world to various destinations and events.

Anyone who’s travelled off our green and pleasant isle will know that plane food can often be hit and miss, even with certain bigger airlines, but the Air New Zealand grub is to die for. World renowned consulting chef Peter Gordon has developed a mouth-watering menu full of fresh and innovative creations – from hotcakes for breakfast to char-sui duck for dinner. There’s even an extensive selection of premium New Zealand wines to complement all meals.

Ensuring you never get bored, the on demand in-flight entertainment is available from the moment you get on the plane right through to touch down. No more sitting twiddling your thumbs in the last half hour of the flight, as you circle the airport like a vulture with concussion. The 12.1 inch widescreen TVs are touch screen, and perfect for watching the latest movies, TV series and sports action. And if you’re feeling competitive, there’s a huge range of games to choose from.

The Business Premier cabin delivers luxurious 22" wide leather armchair converts to a fully lie flat 6'6" bed – one of the longest in the sky. There’s also access to the delightful lounges and the LAX lounge features luxurious shower suites to refresh between flights, a buffet menu and complimentary wifi.

But it’s not just the more well-heeled passengers that get the spoils. Premium Economy Spaceseat™ means that the person sitting in front of you can’t recline into your personal space. The seats that run through the inner space of the cabin have been designed for couples, so you can relax together, or turn to face each other to share a meal. The seats on the outer space of the cabin cater more for those who need some uninterrupted work time, or for people who prefer to keep to themselves during the flight.

The Skycouch is a row of three Economy seats that together create a flexible space for whatever you want it to be, ideally an area to relax and stretch out in. With a touch of a button, a footrest will come out from under each of the three seats which you can pull up to create a flat, flexible space, and the armrests disappear into the back of the seat.

To top it all off, Air New Zealand boast some of the warmest, friendliest staff we’ve ever experienced in the sky. For air travel with a difference, give these guys a go on your next jet setting adventure.

For more information, check out the Air New Zealand website. Read all about Palm Springs and the White Party 2014 in our latest issue.

Words Lee Dalloway

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