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We’ve definitely got a thing for horror movies, and we've also got a thing for other gay men that love horror movies. Thommy Hutson has made some amazing documentaries on some of the biggest in the genre. And now this particular gentleman-loving-horror-fan is turning his hand to the printed page...

One of the foremost authorities on A Nightmare on Elm Street, Thommy Hutson is an award-winning writer and producer who has created material for feature film, television and home video. He has written or co-written projects with Scooby-Doo, swashbuckling swordswomen, adventure on the high seas, famous movie monsters and terrifying creatures in the wilderness. He has worked with Warner Bros. Animation, The Bio Channel, Chiller TV, Starz Media, Anchor Bay and others. He currently lives in Los Angeles. This is his first book.

“I wasn’t a huge horror fan when I was little, but I remember seeing the commercials for the original A Nightmare on Elm Street, and I was a fan of the miniseries V (with Robert Englund), so I somehow decided that I simply had to see this movie. My father did not think it was a great idea, but I begged and begged. He relented and about 3 minutes in I was absolutely terrified and wanted to leave. My father, however, decided he would teach me a lesson and make us stay. I barely watched through covered eyes, but it was enough: I was hooked. It was smart, scary, thrilling and had characters that felt like real people. It opened the door to me that horror could be smart and scary. Years later, telling the story about seeing the film for the first time actually helped me get a job as a Universal Studios Hollywood tour guide! (Freddy is probably waiting for his “Thank you.”)

“The idea to write this book came after I wrote and produced the definitive documentary on the entire Elm Street franchise. I wanted to focus on the movie that started it all, since there is so much that went into its inception and making. It’s a movie that solidified Wes Craven as a master of horror, and the film certainly helped launch New Line Cinema as an even bigger player in Hollywood. (The story of Robert Shaye and his starting New Line Cinema is fascinating in and of itself, as is Wes’ career prior to Elm Street.) Coupled with the fact that I had so much information from the documentary that wasn’t used, re-interviewed almost all of the major players, got new interviews with people who have never spoken about the film before and found so many new and never-before-seen just made sense to put it all together in one, definitive volume that celebrates a movie that turns thirty this year. My feeling was also if Star Wars, Jaws and Indiana Jones can have books, why can’t Freddy Krueger and Wes Craven’s original 1984 classic?

“The decision to go through Kickstarter was really one I made after talking to some interested publishers, realizing they had certain ideas about what the book should--and shouldn’t--be. Frankly, as a huge fan of the film, I wanted to create the no-holds-barred, what-fans-really-want version of the book; I didn’t want to be held back creatively. With Kickstarter, the power is in the hands of the fans to either make the book happen or not. I certainly hope they do! The project is finished and nearly every pledge tier gets you a copy of the book with some cool perks. Essentially, it’s pre-ordering the book. If enough fans (and there are so many!) pledge, the book will become a reality. If not, the stories, the images and everything else in the book will have to stay locked away in Freddy's boiler room.

“Crafting the book over a two-and-a-half year period has really been a labor of love, and I hope the fans will pledge to get their copy, embrace it and see that it was created to celebrate a movie that I, and so many genre fans, love. If not, I’ll have to convince my husband (who has been a saint in putting up with a sometimes very stressed and cranky writer!) that it was still all worth it.

“Okay, it definitely was. (But please pledge!)”

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