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Watch: Positive East releases film to raise awareness of HIV

The London charity wants to shed light on issues facing HIV-positive people today...

More than 98,000 people in the UK live with HIV. It’s estimated that the current number will increase by 50% by 2020.

Positive East, a community-based HIV charity in London, has released a short film to raise awareness of the current and future issues facing HIV-positive people today.

In anticipation of the impending borough elections in May, there are fears for the strain that will be placed on the current treatment and diagnosis services.

Among their concerns are lack of training amongst doctors and medical students, allocation of funding to clinics, and care for the increasing number of elderly HIV-positive people

The charity runs testing clinics and offers education on HIV throughout London, in addition to support groups and language courses.

Those wishing to know more can visit for more information.

Words Dominic Holbrook, @diggerdomh

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