GT Arts

Pride: A Photography Exhibition

The first solo exhibit from Robert Gershinson, will premiere at The Reading Room in Soho.

The selection of photos explore different sub-cultures within the LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender, Queer or Questioning, Intersex) community. The images were all taken on the morning of London Community Pride 2013 and feature a wide array of models.

All of the photos were taken against the same white background to create a sense of continuity, representing the way the LGBTQI label is a unifying link for everybody under it’s umbrella. The diverse subjects, however, show how, although all of these people identify in a similar way, everybody comes in different shapes, sizes and styles.

The images all build upon the subject's own personality and dramatizes them to create shocking or moving photos. There's also a competition: Take a selfie with your favourite portrait, tweet it with the hashtag #PridePics and @RobbyPhotoVideo at the end of the tweet. Best one wins a framed print.

The exhibition runs from 14 April – 30 April at The Reading Room in London's Soho and admission is free. For more info, see the Facebook page.

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