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INTERVIEW: Dominika from BBC Three’s Hair

We have an exclusive chat with the Polish hairdressing superstar.

Over the past six weeks we’ve become obsessed with BBC Three’s new reality show Hair, in which Britain’s best amatuer hair stylists are put through their paces. They’re tested on their technical skills, set creative challenges and come up with weird, wonderful (and occasionally wonky) hairstyles. The series came to an end this week, but there was only ever one winner in our eyes - we present to you Miss Dominika Kasperowicz…

So I watched the final and (SPOILER ALERT) having watched you nail it every single week, I was shocked that you didn’t win.

The thing was, I don’t know if I said it or not because it was so loud when I was watching it [with friends], I had a completely different idea in my head about what the glamour was supposed to be like. Then I saw my mum and I was like ‘no bloody way she’s gonna have a long hair’. She’s gonna look weird. Let’s keep it in her spirit when she has to have big hair, Sharon Osbourne, that kind of thing. No gold leaf, she’s gonna look like cheap Cinderella. [laughs]

It was the only week when you didn’t go to town on their hair, go mental…

Yeah, because I thought it’s not worth it, if you know the client then you’re limited. Because they need to feel good.

If you had the same model but it wasn’t your mum would you have done it differently?

I would’ve done my classic wave, gold leaf, gelled at the sides. I need to do that shoot anyway. I was saying at the very, very beginning - I was saying to my friends, listen. I don’t think they will, but if they’re going to send my mum or my sister, don’t let them do that. I don’t need my family to make me cry and stuff, no! So eventually when they got in touch with my friend she said ‘oh my god, she really didn’t want that.’ So she felt bad, saying ‘I’m so sorry but I had to give them the contact’.

Didn’t it give you a clue when they brought in your best friends as models in episode three?

No. I thought that was it. Actually when the friends came in, they said the models are running late and I thought ‘what?! since when are the models late?’ Everyone is so early and then I panicked, maybe we’re going to have some celebrities come in and then I’m gonna panic. And just before the door opened I thought maybe they’re friends. But it was a big surprise.

Who would be your ideal celebrity hair client?

I think I could go crazy with Paloma Faith. And Bjork, she’d be open for craziness. there’s a few of them.

It was so great to watch you on the show and no matter who you got, you managed to build something spectacular.

Really? There were some hairstyles that I wasn’t happy with, but I did it and was just ‘urgh’.

Well everyone else in the show regularly made really bad mistakes - like not finishing properly or bits all over the place…

I must tell you, it looks much worse on the TV. Some stuff you would see it and you’d think ‘oh, that doesn’t show THAT badly’ and then the camera would pan from the front and show every angle and you’re like ‘woooooah’.

I loved the way you handled the Blockheads, dropping it once and in the final just bashing it into place.

Yeah the Blockheads were an absolute nightmare. I think that two of the Blockheads looked like my mum, I was like ‘she’ll like this hairstyle’. Crazy.

Did you name them?

Yeah we named the blonde one Chloe, because she looked like the one from The Only Way Is Essex, but a blonde version. There was Simon Cowell [laughs] my boyfriend.

One of the things about Hair was I found the host Steve Jones, well… a bit annoying really.

[laughs] In what way?

You pin pointed it when you said on the show ‘and they say men don’t have intuition’, which was a really nice way of saying ‘fuck off’.

No! We had a funny relationship, because they told me already ‘Oh my god, every time Steve comes over to you saying “hi, how’re you doing?”’. I’m like [Dominika stares eyes down, miming haircutting] ‘Yeah. Hmm. Yeah. Uh-huh.’ Because I have a job to do. I would answer, because it’s his job to run the programme, so fine. But I didn’t like too much attention. But then when Alain was coming or Denise, it would just freeze you. You’d do the sectioning and about to cut and Alain is standing next to you going ‘everyone has started cutting, why haven’t you?’ I just need to get it right. I remember it was on the front layering and you didn’t know if you’re cutting well and he keeps staring at you and you think ‘god please… is he going now?’

Will you stay in touch with the judges?

Yeah, it was really nice. We’ll stay in touch, when the first episode was on we were all ‘are you ready? are you excited?’

What was your favourite moment in the show?

I think when Denise said ‘I can’t fault it’. [laughs] I was like ‘Yesss!’.

But you had so many good comments like that in the show, how did you hold it in when everyone else was getting ripped apart?

You know what I had to resist to be [Dominika makes a very excitable high pitched noise]. I had to be ‘oh yeah, thank you’. But inside I was going ‘raaaaagh!!’. Because when they introduced them, these are your judges, Denise has done the royal family, Alain does The Beckhams, and I was like ‘Holy shit. They’re gonna JUDGE us’. And when they like what you’re doing, it’s like ‘oh thanks!’. It’s a very good feeling.

I saw you YouTube submission, which featured your aforementioned friend who modelled - how did you get onto the show?

Bethany Swan, she told me to apply, she found it on Facebook. The funniest bit was I got the call and there was a sale in a charity shop, everything for one pound. I was on the bus and I missed the call, and on the bus I got the voicemail ‘Hi i’ts from BBC’ and I was ‘woooooah’. So I had to go shopping first, spent a whole £12, calmed down for 40 minutes and went for a coffee and called them. Otherwise I was gonna talk too much rubbish. Then they asked you to send a video, Hannah Caton is an actress so she was a good person to take charge. They said you can just record yourself from your phone but I thought ‘oh god if I start going on and on talking it’s going to be half an hour long’.

If you’d told me before about a reality tv show about people cutting hair, I probably wouldn’t have got that excited but I stumbled across the first episode and was absolutely hooked from the start.

Like a lot of people - my friend’s dad, he switches from a football match to watch Hair. That’s success, man, seriously. I like this comment, ‘my dad loves Hair’. I was like ‘Hello Dad!’ on the twitter messages.

You must’ve felt a lot of love from Twitter.

It’s just crazy. I put the first video on YouTube and someone send me a proper lovely letter, saying ‘I Iove what you’re doing, I’m not into hair but I love what you’re doing, I’m an engineer and I wanted to do something creative but I never did and I love your colours and lots of women should wear more colours in this gloomy country’ and the letter was really long and sweet. I was ‘woah, you went to all this effort to just let me know that you really enjoyed it’. Lots of people are like ‘oh yeah, she’s cool’ but no one would send it and go to the hassle. That kind of stuff definitely makes my day.

The obvious last question is… what next?

Mohawk village. A little village full of mohawks [laughs]. I don’t know, there’s lots of ideas. I’ve started doing the YouTube tutorials just to prove that you don’t have to unscrew your head and put it on the side table.

You can follow Dominika on twitter @DominikaDoes and watch the final episode of Hair repeated this Sunday on BBC Three at 9.05pm, or catch up with the whole series on bbciplayer.

WORDS: Bob Henderson

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