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Review: Brace

We went to an exclusive screening of LGBT drama at London's Manbar...

Last night's première screening of Brace at Manbar was a success of sorts. The place was absolutely packed to the rafters with guys salivating at the prospect of seeing the next big LGBT film on the big screen. Being greeted with a vodka cranberry by a particularly good-looking gentleman couldn't have hurt either.

Labelled as a gritty and real look at the dangers faced by gay men in London, Brace certainly slaps on the drama as thick as it possibly can. The cast of unknowns does what it can with the script worthy of an amateur dramatic production based in Rotherham, but they fail to elevate it much beyond the limited scope of the production.

Despite it's short running time, Brace comes in at a brief 40 minutes, there's a solid amount of issues nestled into the flick. Concerns such as coming out to your straight partner, familial homophobia and hate crime all punctuate the action.

The various plot twists and turns come thick and fast and admiration has to be given for the scope of a short that has such passion for its subject. The main issue being that the portrayal given of being gay in London is outdated and hokey.

The rapturous reception at Manbar belies the quality of Brace, which certainly adds to the argument that us gays will applaud anything if you give us a free drink. It seems unlikely that Brace will ever really get out of Soho, but we're sure it's very happy there.

Words: Joshua Hammond, @pictureshowmag

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