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Did Art School really steal his virginity? Apparently not.

Clay Pettet's controversial public deflowering may not have been as expected...

Just four months ago, GT interviewed Clayton Pettet on his upcoming performance Art School Stole My Virginity, and aimed to delve into the core of the Central Saint Martins student's mind to really understand what the concept of the show was and why there was so much media frenzy around it.

To some, it appeared to be a teenage boy desperate for attention and perhaps a little deluded, with Perez Hilton even saying, “19-year-old art school student will create art through penetration of his virgin butthole.” The first and only performance finally debuted last night at Marylebone Gardens unsealing the lid on what Pettet intended to do, and gave those lucky enough to get their hands on a ticket a personal view of what was expected to be a teenage boy being penetrated onstage.

Allegedly, it was anything but the "live porn" some people may have expected – involving no sex at all, or naked men. But a performance we would most likely see Gaga doing on stage somewhere in New York.

We hear Pettet revealed himself to the crowd with “TEEN WHORE” written on his body and a few other performers carrying signs that read “ANAL VIRGIN”. So far we’re scoring 10 out of 10 on the terminology used, all of which Google would happily suggest well over 500,000 results for. Then afterwards he migrated to another dim lit room where randomly selected guests were invited to penetrate his mouth with a banana – okay, this is getting kinky now. This boy is really a DILF’s dream come true.

Getting to the actual point, Pettet put our pop culture infested minds to the test. The word “virginity” and “gay” being used in the title immediately turns heads, and our imagination jumps to what seems like the obvious. Virgin boy getting deflowered!

The whole banana penetration shenanigan showed the audience and society just how they made him feel about his own virginity. It was obviously an unsettling aspect of the performance for Pettet, as apparently some guests didn’t just want to put the banana into his mouth (It was bound to happen). The humiliation, the pressure, the constant speculation, and perhaps even the inappropriate interest he received were displayed through performance art in just one night.

The young student claims he is still holding firmly onto his purity and innocence and that he will never actually engage in sexual activity, due to art itself being his virginity. I’m sure most don’t believe this, and find themselves a little mind-boggled, but at least we’re all finally clued in on what Art School Stole My Virginity was really about.

Words: Darrell Larkin (@supernaturalboi)

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