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It's Vivienne Westwood in the shower

Fashion supremo says no to meat

Eww, what’s that smell? Is that you? Have you showered?

Look, we’ve discussed this. It’s good wanting to save the planet and everything, but you’ve got to wash sometimes.

Fortunately there’s an answer: go vegetarian. If you want to save the planet and not waste water, then abstaining from meat should do the trick.

That’s right. It takes litres and litres of water to grow the seed to feed the animals.

You might not think these are mutually exclusive. And to be fair we appreciate when our guys have taken a shower. Getting their meat out in the shower is pretty hot too.

Vivienne Westwood has chosen between the two though. Come, look! It’s Vivienne Westwood off of the fashion shows naked in the shower.

Make your own mind up…

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