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Exclusive: Watch the brand new episode of Steam Room Stories

Your friends here at GT are giving you lot the first look...

There’s nothing we like more than an enjoyable coming together here at GT, and this one has to be the ultimate.

One of our favourite online shows Steam Room Stories has a special visitor in their brand new episode – none other than Johnny Scruff, godfather of social dating app Scruff. Yes, you know the one.

And we’ve only gone and bloody secured the brand new episode as an exclusive, just for you, the loyal GT readers.

In the episode Johnny appears alongside regulars Adam Bucci and Josh Wise. Each is sat in their trademark steam room glistening, wearing nothing but a towel… we know, we know, but try to compose yourself.

Anyway, Adam and Josh can’t believe their luck when they realise they’re sharing the steam room with Saint Johnny himself, and understandably the guys get a little star-struck.

Johnny certainly enjoyed his time on set, though, telling us: “The experience was certainly steamy!

“Aside from the woofy eye candy, the guys couldn't have been any nicer and more welcoming.

“I received my BA in film production from the University of Southern California, so LGBT media is something that I've always been passionate about supporting through Scruff. I think the show is really well done, from the writing to the acting, and it will certainly brighten up your day if you are having a bad one!”

For the one person reading this who doesn’t know (you should climb out behind that rock more often), Steam Room Stories began in 2010 on YouTube, and each webisode - it’s a word, trust us - features a two minute comedy sketch staring the hot men of the steam room.

And like we said, we’ve secured you an exclusive look at the brand new episode, 24 hours before everyone else. We’re too good to you, aren’t we? So sit back, relax and enjoy.

Words: Aaron Golightly

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