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Dandy Licks: Wed 12 March

This week's choons pumping out of the GT speakers

Lily Allen - Our Time
She's only been back five minutes and has generated more headlines, talking points and diverse controversy than most artists have mustered up in a decade. If you're one of those people who don't really take to Ms Allen and her forthright, opinionated demeanour, lovingly coated with a cheeky London gyal veneer, then you may just be missing the point. For us, no-one in the world of poppery currently makes such an effortlessly feminist stance while representing young adult life in 2014 London. And her latest track Our Time highlights both of these points beautifully. As always, Lily serves up a ridiculously catchy pop number with a low-slung, downtempo undercurrent. Lily manages to push even further into her cheek with that sassy tongue of hers, and the video depicts four Lily's for the price of one. Four different facets of her personality or four representations of modern women? Either way, Lil gets to make out with herself and plays 'drunk girl on way home' with some slur-perfect comic timing.


I Am a Camera – Lost in Love
If you know us well enough by now you'd realise we’re obscenely partial to a sterling electronic duo now and again and, in keeping with our tradition, new crush I Am a Camera certainly fit the bill. Consisting of Francesca Ross and Ian Watt, the London-based artistes boast a symphonic and crowd pleasing résumé of beats, strings and pop songs neatly wrapped in a raven haired, chicly styled package. New single Lost in Love obliterates first impressions with a solid backbone of clean danceability, fleshed out by spritzes of rattling synths and MGMT-inspired blips that’ll have you hitting the replay button almost prematurely. Described as a ‘dark love song’, we’re left wondering if a nice, confidence-boosting selfie might be enough to rid the dyad of their springtime blues…

Shura - Touch
Conceived by a Russian actress and a British filmmaker, Aleksandra Denton, or Shura as she is now commonly known, was somewhat destined a virtuoso of potential and has already spawned enough buzz to become a firm favourite amongst the likes of Hype Machine and Soundcloud. Sliding onto the scene in her already signature baggy wear, the London-based babe lends an entrancing vocal offering to “Touch” which echoes suitably with a sensualising production to compliment the break up song’s tender approach. The corresponding video features an assortment of enviable couples engaging in a brief sesh of PDA, though its hard to tell whether they are genuine displays of affection or a final goodbye parting before one of them whisks away on a one-way flight to Vegas with their best friend’s boo. We know which one we’d go for!

Paris Carney – Its Always the Quiet Ones
Glossy haired and lashed to the max, Paris Carney is quickly becoming a prominent addition in our list of fave indie-pop gals making an appearance in 2014. Relatively unknown but gaining steam on the blogging frontline, the LA based chauntese’s sweet vocal tone shines most brightly on new single “It’s Always the Quiet Ones” which brags a light, fluffy and inoffensively catchy layering to warm your shiny, incandescent hearts. Fans of Lorde will also find refuge in the track’s production, which bares similar levels of style and elegance to the singer’s royal smash but with added electronics. Available to download free of charge right now, we suggest you get playing pronto!

H A R T E B E E S T - Drums
Fanciable, fly and fairly fresh on the music scene, this electronic duo are already rubbing elbows with the stars upon the release of their atmospheric new single Drums. With a name so stylised hipsters everywhere will be quivering rejoicefully in their brightly-hued ankle swingers, Guernsey based H A R T E B E E S T set the tone with a fittingly mellow and falsetto-charged vocal contribution to compliment the track’s wistful undertones. In true electro-pop fashion, its not before long until we are treated to a fluctuating array of synthy goodness that transports us to new heights of otherworldliness. All we can say is: good job, boys!

Florrie – Seashells
Proving single-handedly that blondes still do have all the fun, English singer-songwriter and drummer Florrie is bursting back on the scene with a game-changing EP in Sirens and it's certainly shaping up to be something to shout about! As the first track to hit the web in full glory, Seashells boasts a switch up in sound for the modelesque beaut who warbles her way through an Arabic inspired electro banger with a spine of pithy, dynamic beats. The track’s chorus also features an infectious sample of the infamous seashell selling tongue-twister which is repeated in succession with an overwhelmingly audacious urge to grind our tooshes. You better watch out lads, things could get saucy up in here…

Kill J - Bullet
First we had Jessie J. Then came Juicy J. Now, boys and bears, pop’s most overused letter has found a new host… enter Copenhagen dyad Kill J. Clocking the murder semantic down to a tee, debut single Bullet cements its themes wholly in the pits of sinful vengeance and conviction with the duo citing the song’s credentials as an ode to the victims of such hardship. Beginning with a bellowing duet of haunting vocal shots and oceanic submarine synths, the track’s beat soon drops into a triumphant blowout of rapid-fire electronics that’ll leave alt-pop admirers paralyzed with satisfaction.

Words: Sam Baker (@SamTRBaker) and Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin)

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