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Watch: 20 strangers kiss for the first time

It's today's latest viral video taking the internet by storm...

Let's be honest now, we've all kissed a stranger at some point in our lives, in a provincial gay bar somewhere across the country.

But this piece from amateur filmmaker Tatia Pilieva has captured every tantalisingly awkward moment of two strangers meeting for the first time for the sole purpose of locking lips.

We might be going soft in our old age, but it's a pretty touching video running the gamut of a range of instinctive human emotions – from nervous laughter to outright raw, sexual chemistry.

Our favourite is obviously the adorable gay couple: "You have nice eyes," says one of the guys to the other. "Thank you," the other replies. "So do you."

If only all of our romantic trysts started out so pleasantly.

Anyway, it's quite the film and definitely worth a watch when you have a spare three minutes and 29 seconds.

Oh, and that song by the way is SOKO's We Might Be Dead Tomorrow, which is quite frankly a beautiful enough reason to watch this film alone.

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