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Watch great films on the BFI's new online service

Our lovely friends over at the BFI have always been fighting our corner when it comes to making compelling LGBT content available, but the arrival of the BFI Player – the organisation’s very own video on demand service – is something of a game changer. Just as the London Lesbian Gay Film Festival is renamed BFI Flare, the techno bods within the BFI made it easier than ever to access content. Over 60% of the materials on the site are free to stream (comprising interviews, Q&A sessions, trailers and shorts) but perhaps even more excitingly, the collection is incredibly current with high profile releases like Stranger By The Lake and Nymphomaniac already available to stream.

You’d have to have been hiding under a very poorly connected rock not to know about Stranger By The Lake – a Hitchcockian drama with lots of added sex (and proper sex to boot, no simulated dry-humping here!). Its arrival on the BFI Player so soon after it proved too controversial for some stuffy British cinema chains only serves to guarantee that even more people can see the film.

Being based in London, it’s easy to forget that content like Stranger By The Lake and the rest of the materials filed under the header of BFI Flare aren’t always as accessible outside the capital – plenty of major towns and cities might well have a vibrant independent cinema scene but few can dedicate the time and attention that these releases often deserve. BFI Player addresses that issue and, even where a film is gaining notoriety and screen time, it delivers the consumer of gay arts options - and who doesn’t like options?

Stranger By The Lake (and both volumes of Nymphomaniac) is available to stream now at BFI Player.

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