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Review: Fame at London's New Wimbledon Theatre

The iconic 80s musical is back on stage and ready to take the UK by storm – leg warmers and all...

Fame is a musical that is known and loved by almost everyone, even those who are opposed to the all-singing, all-dancing, sometimes over-bearing nature of musical theatre. It brings back memories of the good old days where the shorts were shorter, leg-warmers were wardrobe staples and dancing on cars was a daily occurrence.

The show tells the story of a group of fame hungry performing arts students at PA, one of the best schools in New York. It chronicles their trials, tribulations and successes over the course of their time training

Gary Lloyd's new production of the 80s smash has been dragged into the 21st century, a time where Walkman's have been replaced with iPads and during an argument between the teachers, characters pull out iPhones to document the moment. This updated version is both brilliant and relatable, but leaves some of the dialogue feeling out of date and stale. The new choreography, however, is electrifying and modern, even featuring GT's personal favourite move: the slut-drop. The dancing is tip-top and pocket rocket ensemble members Farrah Abigail Hussain and Ryan-Lee Seager are both effortless and eye-catching in their abilities. The updated score, with dub-step breaks, could even out-do the dirtiest of warehouse raves too.

Vocal chops are brought in the shape of powerhouse Jodie Steele as Carmen, the tragic heart and soul of the show whose iconic line delivery of 'remember my name' couldn't be more apt, she is a star in the making. She is in great company with Molly Stewart as the loveable, food-obsessed Mabel who received a roaring ovation after her big number and also received most of the laughs.

Fame was the most fun GT have had at the theatre in a long, long time and we can't wait to see it again.

The show is currently running at the New Wimbledon Theatre, before embarking on a nationwide UK tour.

Words: Perry Juby

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