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Dandy Licks: Tue 25 February

The sounds Team GT are loving this week...

Haim - If I Could Change Your Mind
We’ll be completely honest, Haim always passed us by a little here at GT Towers. Nowt wrong with their hippyish brand of floaty Californian pop rock/dance-lite, but we’ve got Stevie Nicks for that. So we were pleasantly surprised by their latest track; a sun-drenched dollop of delicate electropop with a serious side of 80s-ness. We were also surprised to see the girls giving it some choreography in the video, rather than their usual brand of instrument-bashing, long hair and pouting. This is grin-inducing retro loveliness and we’re officially Haim converts!

Iggy Azalea – Fancy (Feat. Charli XCX)
Attention boys! Enter 2014’s first fully-fledged, club-certified anthem, and its got ‘bolshy bitch’ written all over it – amazing! Fronted by none other than Ozzie rapper and all-round beaut Iggy Azalea, new single “Fancy” shows once again why the platinum blonde is a powerful pop force to be reckoned with. Laden with co-production credits from the likes of the Invisible Men and the Arcade, as well as a heap of hardy attitude, the song arguably contains some of Azalea’s finest musings. Better yet, the chorus boasts one hell of a catchy contribution from everyone’s favourite alt-pop goddess Charli XCX of “I Love It” fame who lends some cheery vocal chants over a timeless, thumping beat a la Hollaback Girl. GT HQ’s roof has well and truly been raised.

Heartsrevolution - Kiss
This lo-fi punk and bratty guitar duo from New York have smoothed out on their latest single Kiss. Sounding like a roughed up version of The Pipettes, they’ve swept up a leftover electroclash drum beat and taken a few leaves out of the riot grrl handbook, for a sort-of not-really pop song. Whatever it is, it’s cute, snarly and found a place in our hearts. They’re going to be playing the UK sometime in April and we’re getting our red Bladerunner make up ready in anticipation.

Erik Hassle - Ready For You
We’ve always had a soft spot for red afro’d Swedish singer Erik Hassle, and his latest track is just stunning. A dark and atmospheric piece of beauty, Erik’s raw lyrics and falsetto vocals score seriously high on the spine-tingling scale. The pain of Hassle heartbreak shoots out of the speakers and thumps you straight in the heart. Coupled with a gorgeously fresh production, this is on repeat.

Tourist - I Can’t Keep Up feat. Will Heard
Proving that the UK’s capital city is still on the forefront of quality club tuneage, London boys Tourist and Will Heard come together for this gorgeous helping of downtempo house. Soul drips out of the speakers as Will’s bluesy voice perfectly complements Tourist’s delicate knob twiddling touches. Gradually building to discolicious finish, Will engages the other end of his vocals for a seriously booty-shaking, hands-in-the-air finale.

Thief - Closer
Described on his official Facebook page as the ‘cream in your coffee’, which can never really be a bad thing, Australian artiste PJ Wolf aka Thief is finally ready to carry out an international assault with the release of his debut UK single on March 25th. Closer sees the cappuccino courier in a fresh new light, deserting his usual guitar get up in favour of a dominant array of cascading synthology and blippy electronics that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Robyn and Miike Snow collaboration. Thief’s falsetto-prone vocal is a further track highlight, commanding an ensemble of buoyant horns with considerable yet stylish ease. The video also pleases with a pop art inspired aesthetic featuring every coloured filter known to man. Hot!

Words: Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin), Sam Baker (@SamTRBaker), Bob Henderson (@bobchicalors)

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