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MUST WATCH: Texan sports anchor speaks up for gay rights

Dale Henson, a newscaster from Dallas, has spoken out in support of openly gay American football player Michael Sam.

A Texan newscaster has stepped up in support of Michael Sam, the 24-year-old college football player who, last week, came out as openly gay.

The announcement from Michael Sam was not only hugely courageous; it also spurned another act of bravery from Dale Henson, a Dallas sports anchor.

Dale describes Michael as “the best defensive player in college football’s best conference” and has blasted the hypocrisy within the NFL institution.

“You beat a woman and drag her down a flight of stairs, pulling her hair out by the roots: you’re the fourth guy taken in the NFL drafts”, Dale said on the topic of brutish behaviour within the sports industry, “You love another man? Well now you’ve gone too far”, he continued, mocking the attitude of some outsiders.

In an admission of honesty, Dale confessed, “I’m not always comfortable when a man tells me he’s gay, I don’t understand his world, but I do understand that he’s part of mine.” This is not only a refreshing view from a straight man in the sports world, but also somebody born and bred Texas, a place not always associated with equality and the acceptance of minorities.

If Michael Sam is drafted for the NFL, he will become the first openly gay player they have ever had.

Click below to listen to Dale's inspiring and encouraging words for yourself.

Perry Juby, @perryjuby
Image taken from the YouTube, as shared by My Daily World News.

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