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Exposed: Beyond Burlesque

Challenging conventions of normality one tassel at a time...

Beth B, a well-known New-York underground filmmaker of the 70s and 80s is back with this intriguing avant-garde documentary based around the lives of 16 boundary pushing burlesque dancers.

Comprised of eight male and eight female artists, this cutting edge documentary follows their lives and journeys as they intend to expose and question the concept of “normal” through erotic and contemporary performances.

From the transgender to the disabled, these performers aim to show the diverse and often unseen presence of body, gender and sexuality whilst leaving the audience in a state of question concerning their own notion of self. Nudity that challenges the life long question of “what is normal?”.

Exposed: Beyond Burlesque is out now on DVD. Check out the trailer below. NSFW boys and girls.

Photo: Don Spiro

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