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Dandy Licks: Wed 29 Jan

What GT Towers are pumping out our big ass speakers this week! Yes, gyal!

Kyla La Grange – Cut Your Teeth
Watford born Kyla La Grange holds the promise of a perfectly adequate alt-pop star as this year’s fledging artistes begin to sprout their bright young heads and prepare for the flight of a lifetime. Thankfully, Kyla has the correct apparatus to equip her in such treachery – new single “Cut Your Teeth” withstands the gusts of typical chart fodder to bring something genuinely new and, dare we say it, unique. Stripped down and modest, the song’s production exudes an aura of spiritual dreaminess as delicate electronics and emotive vocal deliveries fill up it’s love-scorned core. Honing the voice of all that are heartbroken, girl can rest assure we’ve found new life in that violet-doused mane of hers.

Gorgon City - Ready For Your Love Ft. MNEK
Finally released this week, this is without a doubt our winter banger! Deep house is back in the charts in a massive way and, if this track is anything to go by, a soulful sound is certainly part of its resurgence. Gorgon City provides the bassalicious club-ready licks, as the awesome MNEK’s rich vocals provides the perfect accompaniment. If you like your beats with some sexy, low slung swagger, then this is the one, sweetie. Both Gorgon City and MNEK deserve even more recognition in 2014, and if they keep serving up cuts like this, it’s certainly going to be their year.

Foxes - Let Go For Tonight (Fred Falke Remix)
Foxes is definitely one of our biggest girl crushes of 2014 so far and our infatuation just keeps on growing with this masterful re-imagining of the chanteuse’s brand new single. Charged by an alarmingly good contribution from the one and only Fred Falke, “Let Go For Tonight” is elevated to fresh heights with this injection of house-infused bliss. The chorus also boasts a beefed up bass with added keyboards and guitars for your sonic delight. If you haven’t yet heard the sheer brilliance of the song in its original form, we sternly suggest you give it a whirl as soon as. Chop-chop!

I Was There (Kris Di Angelis 'RoomServiceParis' Mix) - Le Grind
Three of our favourite things combine in this frankly awesome dance floor shudderer: Room Service, Le Grind and Kris Di Angelis. Jodie Harsh’s club brand Room Service is practically taking over every major city in the city in the world as the coolest gay party known to queerkind. Regular readers will know our love for up ‘n’ coming pop/electro/dutty funk trio Le Grind and Kris Di Angelis may just be one of the hottest (in every sense) DJs to come out of London clubland for donkeys. This is one seriously club-thumpin’, booty shakin’, soul nourishin’ slab of shimmyage. Get thee to the dance floor…. Go on... Don’t make us send the ropey drag queens round!

Jennifer Hudson feat T.I. - I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)
Guuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllllllll! Let’s just take a moment to take in how gorgeous Jennifer Hudson is. Whether she has a few more curves or whether she’s rocking a toned frame, the lady is stunning and knows how to knock out a good tune or two. Speaking of, Ms H returns with some seriously funkalicious old skool R&B, showcasing a real 90s vibe in this Pharrell-produced stomper. We love that there’s a slab or two of soul returning to the charts (Thank you mr Williams), but we can’t help but think that this sounds like more of a second or third album track release rather than a career relauncher. Either way, we could listen to Jennifer’s soulful tones all damn day.

Stine Bramsen – Prototypical
The news for some may come as a shock, but for now it looks as though the eternally-joyful Danes of bop-pop Alphabeat currently stand on hiatus as the group’s sole female member ventures out into the cold, unforgiving realms of pop solo stardom. With her perfectly coiffed crop cut intact, Stine Bramsen tries her hand on the dark side with a surprisingly mature Adele-lite effort in Prototypical. The lead single hones in on the percussion in no time at all as a pounding drum beat gives the chorus that extra ounce of ‘oomph’ necessary to any respectable pop tune. And if the “Rolling in the Deep” comparisons weren’t made entirely clear then those soul-tinged backing vocals will surely cement our suspicions. Cheeky!

Words: Lee Dalloway (@Leeroydalvin) & Sam Baker (@SamTRbaker)

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