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DWV: The Meth Lab, Camden

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for making poor choices with us tonight.”

It all started with a Wilson Phillips parody to throw “shade” at American fast food chain Chick-fil-A for donating to anti-gay groups. Now, YouTube superstars Willam Belli, Detox Icunt and Vicky Vox, collectively known as DWV, are drag racing their way around gay scenes worldwide. Bringing the camp to Camden on their global tour, DWV sold out three nights of shows at The Black Cap. Not one to miss a party, we donned our Willam vests and went to see the Blurred Bynes singers in action.

Arriving on stage, Vicky and Detox sported a Nicki Minaj v Adventure Time ensemble with cartoon-themed dresses and colourful wigs. Willam arrived fashionably late with a fur coat, another Adventure Time dress and a mandatory vodka Red Bull. The outfits complimented each other perfectly and the crowd squealed with excitement as the trio introduced each other as Detox, "a Rupaul’s Drag Race Miss Congeni-arse-hole". Willam, a "Rupaul’s Drag Race bearded Barbie", and Vicky, "a Rupaul’s Drag Race viewer".

Previewing their brand new song, the show opened with Gaycation, an upbeat number with amusing lyrics such as, “Gaycation, lobster and some arse play. Gaycation, even the birds are gay,” the audience danced along joyfully, occasionally pausing to laugh at Detox deep throating her microphone. Post foot stomping and camp jumping to Chow Down (At Chick fil-A) the queens discussed current gay issues. This involved a debate on whether a fivesome should be called an orgy and helping gays recognise their sexual health status with free STD tests in Willam’s mouth.

Carrying on the live singing action, Vicky belted out her version of And I am Telling You from Dreamgirls, serving up a slightly different take on Jennifer Hudson’s, complete with slut dropping and twerking. Detox sang Silicone partly on stage and partly disappearing into an audience that loved her, stealing cameras for selfies and throwing her fake nails with gay abandon. Willam provided audience participation by allowing someone on stage, and literally just made them stand there and hold her drink as she performed Scream and Shit. This witty version of Scream and Shout proved to be even funnier than Britney doing a British accent.

The trio reunited to poke fun at Amanda Bynes with YouTube hit Blurred Bynes, and it’s now impossible to listen to the original without hearing, “So high she tweets to Drake to murder her vagina.” The roof was then raised for the finale, newly adopted gay anthem Boy is a Bottom. This hilarious hit has secured DWV’s success with over 12 million YouTube hits to date. With arms swaying and fingers pointing there wasn’t a queen in the Meth Lab who didn’t sing along to, “It says he’s vers upon his Grindr, versatile yeah okay, girl you know you’re super gay.”

As we frantically check YouTube for the Gaycation video, we can’t wait to see what DWV do next. With their attractive personalities, fabulous frocks and catchy songs it’s clear these queens will never again need to lip sync for their lives.

GT gives it a joyous 5/5

Words: Benjamin Spence (@BenSuspender)

DWV: @TheVickyVox, @WillamBelli, @TheOnlyDetox

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