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AIDS Ark's 'Dinner for 1' is back.

Help AIDS Ark raise money for HIV by hosting a dinner party.

On Saturday, 1st March 2014, AIDS Ark, will be hosting their third annual ‘Dinner for 1’ event. AIDS Ark is a small charity that helps to save the lives of people living with HIV in the developing world by funding their ARV (antiretroviral) medication and associated care. Last year they raised £33,000, which helped to increase the number of ARV beneficiaries from 168 to 237, and the number of other beneficiary programmes from 149 to 204. Quite a result!

The concept is simple: Host a dinner for friends at home. Each guest makes a donation to AidsArk so that each dinner raises at least £300. Each dinner funds the ARV medication and associated care that will save the life of 1 person living with HIV in the developing world for a year. Without this funding, this person would not have access to medication and is likely to die.

For more information visit:


AIDS Ark Facebook page

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