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Make 2014 your year

Where will 2014 take you?

We all do it every year – as soon as the clock strikes 12 on New Year's Eve, we proclaim that this is going to be our year. Then January turns into spring, summer passes in a haze and, before you know it, it's the following Christmas and you're promising yourself that this year is the one where you will turn it all around.

Maybe you desire to change your career, start your own business, buy your perfect home or travel the world. Well, there is no need to delay any longer because 2014 really can be your year with a lot of positive thinking, a tiny bit of effort and, hopefully, a generous measure of good luck.

Whatever it is you are wishing for this year, get the ball rolling with a plan as soon as you can. Once the wheels are in motion, it will be too late to back down and as the journey progresses you will feel continually encouraged to reach your goal.

A much-needed career change!

If the new year has made you realise you need a new job, then take heart from the fact that even people who love their career decide they need a change of direction sometimes – and that includes celebrities.

Victoria Beckham shot to fame as one of the Spice Girls and, as Posh Spice, she was as well known for her sense of style as she was for her musical abilities. Over the years, she has set many trends, so it came as no surprise when she launched her very own fashion collection in 2008. The range was a success and her dresses are now a popular red-carpet choice for stars such as Eva Longoria, Jessica Ennis, Cameron Diaz, Michelle Williams and Kate Winslet.

If you want a new career like Victoria, start by gaining experience in your chosen field. Once you start to build up your CV and meet new contacts, doors will begin to open for you and eventually you can win your dream position. You may have to work for a low wage at first, but as long as you tell yourself you will not give up until you succeed, it will be worth it.

A dream home!

Is 2014 the year you have decided to move to a place that is bigger and better or in a nicer location? Then do it. Put your house on the market and start scouring the house listings in your chosen area.

Don't worry if your budget won't stretch to your dream house, you can always try to negotiate a lower price, or alternatively start saving for a bigger deposit while you search. Simple changes such as ditching your daily coffee-shop drink can add up to hundreds with a tiny bit of discipline. Try having a flutter on bingo sites such as 888ladies too, you may get lucky and turn a £1 bet into thousands.

Travel the world!

The same rules apply if you want to go backpacking around the world, or indeed for any dream that you may need to save money for. Stop spending on small things such as coffees, expensive sandwiches and other unnecessary items and place that money in a jar. It may seem boring and responsible, but you will thank us when you're sunning yourself on your six-month trip.

Whatever your dream is for 2014, put your mind to it, break your goal down into small achievable tasks and before you know it, you will be living the life you wished for.

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