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Review: Finding Neverland on Broadway

The story of how Peter became Pan

GT Stage

02/08/2015 21:11:55

Review: Sinatra: The Man and His Music

"…a spine-tingling sorta moment…"

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02/08/2015 19:25:34

David Morgan chats about Safeword, Sinitta, sex and Spice Girls

What's your safeword?

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31/07/2015 17:25:20

The Glory’s Gay Glastonbury Reunion

This Saturday

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31/07/2015 16:46:21

From RuPaul to runway, Pearl serves Drag Race realness with GT

Wake up Pearl!

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31/07/2015 16:11:45

Leslie Jordan threw coffee in a homophobe's face

Do NOT mess with Beverly Leslie

GT Community

31/07/2015 15:04:22

Hollyoaks hotties Kieron and Parry get wet and wild

Hop on in, the water's lovely

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31/07/2015 13:15:35

We catch up with the self-confessed 'Glamour Toad' Ginger Minj

Solidarity in solid girls

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31/07/2015 12:26:03

Cancelling Looking was ‘very painful’ says HBO President

The film is coming though

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31/07/2015 12:08:34

EastEnders newbie Jonny Labey talks kissing boys and internet trolls

East End Boy

GT Hunks

31/07/2015 11:47:18