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PJ Brennan: "Let's not fight, let's talk"

GT's exclusive columnist shares his two cents on the Alan Carr/PETA "fairy" debate...

22/04/2014 15:55:28

Watch: Positive East releases film to raise awareness of HIV

The London charity wants to shed light on issues facing HIV-positive people today...

15/04/2014 11:43:43

American basketball star Derrick Gordon comes out as gay

The UMass player is believed to be the first active Division 1 basketball player to do so...

09/04/2014 17:46:50

Jessie J makes the courageous decision to come out... as straight

The Who We Are singer says that dating girls was a "phase" for her...

09/04/2014 15:53:18

Peaches Geldof dies at the age of 25

Peaches spoke out confidently on the importance of gay rights

08/04/2014 13:25:18

HIV self-testing kits made legal in the UK

It will soon be simpler than ever to be sure of your status

07/04/2014 17:48:55

Review: The Wedding of Peter and David

One of the first same sex couples to get married... and we were there

01/04/2014 11:22:25

Event: Let's Talk About Gay Sex and Drugs

How much do you really know? Find out in London tonight...

31/03/2014 11:44:08

It’s the big day!

After an incredibly long fight for marriage equality, England & Wales perform the first same-sex weddings

29/03/2014 14:18:32

AVERT in Malawi

The HIV/AIDS charity are raising funds to provide free HIV treatment to 20,000 people

28/03/2014 14:57:06

Asifa Lahore – Tum Hi Ho

The UK’s premier Muslim drag queen releases Tum Hi Ho, her most significant music video to date.

28/03/2014 11:43:43

25 years of Stonewall

From Section 28 to gay marriage in a quarter of a century

26/03/2014 10:57:12

The Changing Face of LGBT Acceptance in Sport

A pivotal six months for the anti-homophobia movement in sport.

25/03/2014 15:58:22

Interview: Dr Christian Jessen

The good doctor goes undercover to investigate controversial gay 'cures' in the UK and the US

17/03/2014 12:58:06


Should the EU and US cut aid due to the country's anti-gay law?

06/03/2014 15:12:18

Whoopi Goldberg on Uganda/Nigeria Anti-gay laws

The actress calls for global solidarity with LGBT Ugandans and Nigerians

04/03/2014 13:59:17

Dispatches Undercover: Hate on the Terraces

Channel 4's Dispatches shows police turning a blind eye to homophobia and racism

03/03/2014 17:40:21

Who cares about gay footballers?

One GT reader asks: is it time to end the obsession with gay footballers?

27/02/2014 14:31:04

Raising Arizona

Martyn Fitzgerald looks at Arizona's recent anti-gay segregation bill

25/02/2014 17:00:03

Bright Night with Will Young for PACE

LGBT charity PACE celebrate 30 years with a special anniversary show

21/02/2014 17:22:33

Tortured by anti-gay mobs in Nigeria

Nigeria's homophobic new laws can make life dangerous for its LGBT community

20/02/2014 18:22:48

Kansas lawmakers propose anti-gay bill

Initial bill passed but unlikely to pass in the state Senate, say lawmakers

18/02/2014 19:07:20

President Museveni preparing to sign anti-LGBT bill

Ugandan leader is reportedly ready to sign homophobic bill into law

17/02/2014 18:02:15

The GT Sex Survey

Did you know 1 in 10 gay/bi men don't know they have HIV...

14/02/2014 15:09:13

MUST WATCH: Texan sports anchor speaks up for gay rights

Dale Henson, a newscaster from Dallas, has spoken out in support of openly gay American football player Michael Sam.

13/02/2014 12:07:57

Pride House Manchester stage a series of events to support LGBT athletes

Putting equality into the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

06/02/2014 18:41:02

The Winter Olympics Alternative Opening Ceremony

Stars of London's clubland join forces with Peter Tatchell in a show of solidarity with Russia

05/02/2014 15:29:35

Northern Cyprus finally decriminalises homosexuality

Northern Cyprus has become the last jurisdiction in Europe to decriminalise homosexuality.

27/01/2014 17:44:18

The Gender Book

Daniel Riding reviews a new book all about gender identity

23/01/2014 16:20:00

Digital Love

No, it's not a new club night... but a new way of life!

13/01/2014 16:14:00

World Sport Presents: Journey of the Gay Athlete

CNN joins the fight against homophobia in sport with this incredible one-hour documentary

10/01/2014 17:30:39

Stockholm Pride’s present for Putin

To the man with a heart of stone, here’s a heart of gold

18/12/2013 16:15:58


Join the fight against testicular cancer whilst decorating your Christmas tree

17/12/2013 12:34:54

We need to talk about Mandy

Six Answers About MDMA from an expert

11/12/2013 17:46:27

Stand Up For Russia

Fighting for equality in Russia - through laughter

10/12/2013 13:44:32

How HIV aware are you?

Take the National AIDS Trust test to see how much you know about HIV

09/12/2013 15:31:56

Queer Contact Festival 2014

Manchester's top arts organisation gets ready for LGBT History Month

05/12/2013 13:34:56

HIV: Misinformation and discrimination

THT's survey aims to help dismantle the myths surrounding HIV

28/11/2013 15:23:41

LGBT rights group rejected for charitable status

Is this a threat to the charitable status of other human rights organisations?

26/11/2013 15:34:29

A Merry Christmas Cabaret: Stand Up To Cancer

A host of musical theatre performers from across London's West End join together a in aid of Stand Up To Cancer

25/11/2013 17:51:13

National HIV Testing Week 22–29 November 2013

Get tested. Know your status.

21/11/2013 17:38:51

Global Drug Survey 2014

Whatever you’ve been snorting or smoking, the GDS 2014 wants to know.

19/11/2013 14:05:47

“That’s So Gay.”

Stonewall teams up with Will Young and Mumsnet to stamp out the slurs.

18/11/2013 16:10:12

10 years on from Section 28

GT reflects on ten years, to the day, since Section 28 was abolished

18/11/2013 14:05:43

Protest: Is the Commonwealth colluding with gay persecution?

Commonwealth leaders "ignore homophobia" at Sri Lanka summit

12/11/2013 12:58:16

GFEST hits London

Showcasing fresh LGBT Talent, check out what this year's festival has to offer.

06/11/2013 17:39:51

Interview: David France - How to Survive a Plague

We speak to the director of this stunning film about the early days of AIDS activism.

06/11/2013 14:18:20

Sharley McLean: In Remembrance

Feminist and lesbian campaigner, who survived Nazi fascism, has died.

29/10/2013 17:01:49

The Hidden Cameras: Gay Goth Scene

Indiepoppers The Hidden Cameras tackle the issue of homophobic youth bullying

29/10/2013 13:10:01

PinkNews Awards 2013

Team GT supported our news-based brothers and sisters at this year's celebration

24/10/2013 17:06:12

Diversity Role Models Carnival 2013

A star-studded event in Londontown, tackling homophobia through education

23/10/2013 16:30:30

Olympic Sponsors Coca-Cola under pressure to condemn Russia's anti-LGBT laws

All Out petition gains momentum online

22/10/2013 16:59:29

Are LGBT societies still important on university campuses?

They offer a safe environment for LGBT students to come together to socialise and campaign, but are LGBT societies...

22/10/2013 11:51:28

The Wig Party: Masked Halloween Ball

The Wig Party returns to London's Café de Paris... all for charity!

21/10/2013 12:29:04

Glasgay! 2013

Scotland's annual celebration of its LGBT community is now in its 20th year...

16/10/2013 10:42:13

The Outing: LGBT Rights in Ireland

Traditional Ireland and contemporary LGBT culture combine...

13/09/2013 11:18:50

Nick Clegg celebrates equal marriage

GT joined the Deputy PM and stars to celebrate #EqualMarriage

12/09/2013 12:56:35

Rally for Russia

GT joins protestors outside Downing Street

04/09/2013 16:12:45

GT rocks out at Manchester Pride

Round-up of the goings-on at this year's Manchester Pride

02/09/2013 12:44:23

Love Russia, Hate Homophobia - A Day of Action

For Russia, with love!

29/08/2013 16:04:48

This Weekend: Manchester Pride

Manchester gets ready to show some Pride

23/08/2013 16:20:17

GT Charity Partner: Positive East

GT partners with a number of charities that help and work with the LGBT community...

19/08/2013 14:22:08

What a Difference an Hour Makes

Team GT visit Stockholm Pride... just an hour flight from Russia and a very different world.

18/08/2013 19:44:28

Diversity Choir celebrates 21 years

You're only 21 once, apparently...

18/07/2013 12:28:11

GT Weekender: Pride in London/Summer Rites

London showed some serious Pride at the weekend...

02/07/2013 15:08:59

Be Proud, Get Involved!

Join the HIV Activist Network and get your voice heard...

27/06/2013 13:36:09

What's hot for Pride London

GT runs down the top shindigs for Pride London weekend

25/06/2013 16:58:52

Peter Tatchell fundraising gala

Did someone say gala? We’re so there.

03/05/2013 13:17:32

Student Pride: Uncut

GT got jolly trollied at Student Pride. Again.

05/03/2013 12:11:22