Paris Lees

What it Feels Like For a Girl

Paris Lees knows...

20/02/2014 11:28:11

What It Feels Like for a Girl: Stonewall

Did you hear about the schoolboy who killed himself following months of homophobic abuse?

23/01/2014 15:49:00

Ibiza closing parties: La Troya at Amnesia

That's one way to spend Wednesday night!

03/10/2013 13:12:51

What It Feels Like for a Girl

Is Michelle Obama really a man?

19/09/2013 12:36:59

What It Feels Like for a Girl

Do you want me to make it hard for you?

02/08/2013 14:43:49

What It Feels Like for a Girl

Have you ever asked a guy his name after you’ve introduced the back of your throat to his penis?

27/06/2013 17:51:22

What It Feels Like for a Girl

Did Paris tell you how she lost her virginity?

05/04/2013 16:59:23

What It Feels Like for a Girl

Paris Lees becomes Channel 4's first transsexual presenter tonight...

18/02/2013 13:24:24

What It Feels Like for a Girl

Little girls are made of sugar and spice but transgender women consist of rather pricier ingredients...

03/01/2013 15:45:21

GT tries chocolates from Paul A Young…

We need to get you some chocolate. Immediately.

21/12/2012 15:35:10

Paris Lees Knows

I give great blowjobs...

07/11/2012 15:31:52

META magazine: the sex issue

Model Isis King and Big Brother UK winner Luke Anderson reveal their sexy sides…

18/10/2012 17:49:15

The Vessel

A new web comedy looks at gay parenting and fag-hag surrogacy

11/10/2012 18:02:23


What it feels like for a girl

03/10/2012 14:58:37

Paris Lees Knows...

Summer’s here.

06/08/2012 13:59:03

Paris Lees Knows...

What it feels like for a girl

15/06/2012 13:27:41

Ria: Diary of a Teenage Transsexual

A one-off show will look at the life of a transgender teenager in Hull.

12/06/2012 18:15:50


Dark Angels

22/05/2012 16:41:33

Hit & Miss

Paris Lees on Sky Atlantic's latest cult offering

21/05/2012 14:03:52

Sexuality night - how was it for you?

Paris Lees caught up with Aled Haydn Jones after Radio 1’s sexuality show

12/03/2012 15:40:31