Harry Clayton-Wright

In Bed with Le Gateau Chocolat

We got Gateau'd.

31/08/2011 10:22:08

Edinburgh Festival Fringe. So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen...

That awkward moment when you have to say goodbye and there isn't a family of singing Von Trapp children to help you.

30/08/2011 10:16:17

In Bed with Scott Capurro and David Mills

We sat in bed with Scott Capurro and David Mills who can be seen together in our favourite comedy chat show, Scott...

25/08/2011 16:48:45

In Bed with The Hamiltons

Possibly one of Britain's most notorious couples, we sat down in bed with Neil and Christine Hamilton.

23/08/2011 15:57:32

Another week, another Edinburgh round up

We're sat here on the bed without anything on. Not by choice.

22/08/2011 17:22:00

In Bed with David Morgan

David Morgan is currently doing very well.

19/08/2011 10:25:10

Chatting with Mr Piffles

Our dream has come true. We interviewed Mr Piffles - the World's First Levitating and Card Trick-Performing Chihuahua.

17/08/2011 11:04:16

In Bed with Mark Trevorrow

We spoke to Mark Trevorrow, the man behind legendary Australian comic creation Bob Downe, about not getting laid in...

15/08/2011 15:28:27

Seven days. Fourteen shows. Bagpipes can STFU.

Harry Clayton-Wright's epic Edinburgh adventure continues.

15/08/2011 10:50:37

In Bed with Margaret Cho

Talking about gay riots, gay rights, 30 Rock, Kathy Griffin and all that stuff going on in Edinburgh

10/08/2011 16:04:57

Edinburgh festival, round two.

David Morgan, Andrew Doyle, Piff, Margaret Cho, Penis Puppetry, Scott Capurro, Jamie Bradley.

08/08/2011 11:26:47

It's time to lose our Edinburgh Fringe virginity.

Metaphorical candles are lit and we are ready for the taking. Be gentle…

04/08/2011 12:09:26

Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop

There's a storm brewing in the horizon, you can feel it.

23/05/2011 15:42:34

Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga.

The first review past the post.

18/05/2011 10:31:36