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And now for quelque chose Francais

Because we're a bit bored of JLS going "oh oh oh"

A couple of days ago we went to Paris. We saw dejected American tourists, flatteringly emaciated artists and a place called The Bear's Den, which did what it said on the tin. We also learned that on Sundays Paris is quieter than Nadine Coyle's PR office. We're guessing everyone stays in and does French things like scream profanities and hurl crockery, or have affairs with chambermaids. We stayed in and watched the music channel. We discovered the lovely, sexily inked M. Pokora, who doesn't look French at all, more like you'd see him in a South London lounge of lechery, pumping his hips against someone to a Jessie J remix. His new single "A nos actes manqués" is very euro summer 2005, and everyone seems to be living in an idyllic parallel utopia where war and STI's and Michelle Bachmann don't exist.

We also loved "French Cancan" by Inna Modja. Now don't laugh, but we think that music/dress sense/facial expression-wise, the only difference between her and Nicola Roberts is a few skin tones. Actually she smiles a bit more than Nicola. E.g. she smiles once. We also like how the man in the video looks like someone you'd see in Starbucks eating an organic flapjack and guffawing at physics jokes on his Mac.

French Cancan on iTunes

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