Jamie Tabberer

Gimme Gimme Gimme… all-that-glitters overload like no other. Yes, this one's about Abba.

If there’s one thing that brings out the gay in all of us – even the straights – it’s Abba. And now, there’s going to be an Abba exhibit at Earls Court.

How can we get across the magnitude of this exhibit’s importance? It’s not like the guys are actually reforming for a tour with a 50 night residency at the O2, granted. But still…

25 rooms of Spandex…neigh…30,000 square feet of sequins…neigh…

How about this: London’s second largest exhibition centre, cock-full (sorry, chock-full, chock-full - Freudian slip anyone?l) of joyous music, priceless memorabilia, colourful costumes, dance mats (yes, dance mats), and the helicopter from the cover of the Scandinavian sweethearts’ 1976 album, Arrival.

It sounds like a gay dream - or, if you’re one of THOSE gays (i.e. without a sense of humour), a gay nightmare.

If you belong to the former category but can’t afford to go (January blues, sob) you’ve got two choices: enter our competition (we’ve got five tickets to give away), or, listen to Gold on repeat before bedtime and let your sleeping imagination compensate. Which is a nightly occurrence for some of us here at GT Towers, anyway. GAY.

To enter, email your full details with ABBAWORLD in the subject line to

Sigh. This shit is what gay dreams are made of: the chance to perform alongside holographs of Agnetha, Benny and Bjorn, and the dark haired one who always looks a bit pissed off?

So basically, the chance to pretend you’re in Abba. Suddenly karaoke in the Joiners (a piss-stinking East End gay pub, omit and replace with the name of your scabby local as appropriate) won’t quite pacify our broken dreams of being a popstar anymore.

ABBAWORLD at Earls Court opens to the public 27 January (WORLD PREMIERE, OMFG, IT’S LIKE SEX AND THE CITY: THE MOVIE ALL OVER AGAIN). Tickets from £19.50 from

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