Jamie Tabberer

Straight crush of the day: Paloma Faith

If you’re the kind of gay who’s repulsed by breasts, look away now

This, gentlemen, is Paloma Faith. She’s a London-based singer. Woah. Bit of an eyeful, isn’t she? A bangin’ dress, one hell of a hairdo (remember when Patsy from Ab Fab sported a beehive like this one for a fashion show, and it all came undone?) and lots of nice furnishings that we’d like for our homes.

Anyway, we digress. Paloma Faith is indeed our straight crush of the day, and for that reason we’re going to plug her upcoming album (which we just found beneath the mountain of crap music that’s been posted to us in the last few days). We knew ‘Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?’ was going to be good because we’ve spent goodness knows how long rinsing the EP. GIVE IT A SPIN.

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