"enormous consequences"

A new website is listing the hours, minutes and seconds since the ban on gays serving openly in the armed forces in the...

19/10/2010 18:05:06

Pope tat

The Popemobile has a full tank, the Pontiff is on his way and the official online store for his visit is open, accepting

15/09/2010 17:44:31

Drugs and gay men

I made a speech about drugs and gays in Parliament today. Ok, so I wasn’t actually in the House of Lords chamber, just...

27/07/2010 12:09:14

Peter Tatchell v Nick Griffin v The Queen

I imagine most people have seen the footage of heroic gay activist Peter Tatchell confronting BNP leader Nick Griffin...

23/07/2010 11:42:41

The new Airbus is very big

We went aboard the new Lufthansa Airbus A380 to see how it was putting the excitement back into flying.

01/07/2010 17:05:31

Thailand travel warning

Just a quick travel warning: In the April issue of GT (out now and packed full of amazing exclusives, btw) we published...

25/03/2010 10:57:04

David Cameron pre-election interview

David Cameron has been asked if gay people can trust the Conservative party and quizzed on his alliance with right-wing...

24/03/2010 10:42:26

Naked issue on sale next week

Pecs, bums, six-packs, celebs getting their kecks off on a rooftop while being watched by pervy office workers.

11/12/2009 17:29:41